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Rainbow Six Siege – SAINT-JEAN BUNDLE Have your operator embody the Fete Nationale’s spirit with our Saint-Jean Bundle. Unlock the exclusive Poutine weapon skin, charm, and go all-out with the Fleurdelise headgear designed for Buck. Make sure you don’t miss out on this epic celebration.


Rainbow Six Siege – GRIDLOCK ASSAULT RIFLE COLLECTION Bring your adversaries to a screeching halt with the Gridlock Assault Rifle Collection. Equip the Gridlock weapon skin on your 416-C, 417, 552, 556xi, AK-12, AR33, AUG A2, C8-SFW, CAMRS, F2, G36C, L85A2, Mk17 CQB, PARA-308, R4-C, and TYPE-89.


Rainbow Six Siege – OUTBREAK COLLECTION This limited-time event will be held from March 6th to April 3rd 2018. After a space capsule crashed in New Mexico, an Outbreak and a surge of violence forced the authorities to establish a Quarantine Zone around Truth or Consequences. The whole town was infected with an alien parasite, which […]

Racer JTF2 Pack

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege – Racer JTF2 Pack Release Date: 26 jul. 2016   Wrap your JTF2 weapons in the Racer weapon skin. This pack unlocks the Racer weapon skin for all of your JTF2-specific weapons.   Дата выпуска: 26 июл. 2016 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Осада – Гонщик JTF2