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Rainbow Six Siege – GSG-9 BPM HEADGEAR BUNDLE Kick it old school with the BPM Headgear Bundle for GSG-9. Unlock a different variant for each GSG-9 Operator based on some of electronic dance music’s founding genres. Includes Bandit’s EBM, Blitz’s Breakbeat, Jäger’s Gabber, and IQ’s Trance headgears. Jager headgear on realease

Blitz Bushido Set

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege – Blitz Bushido Set Release Date: 13 dec. 2016 Price: – $7.99   € 7,99   Blitz’s Bushido Set is now available. Unlock the exclusive Denko Sekka skin for G52 Tactical Shield, Hoshi Kabuto headgear and Taiyou charm for Blitz.   Дата выпуска: 13 дек. 2016 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Осада […]