Grand Larceny Collection

Grand Larceny Collection
Grand Larceny Collection

Two groups come to a head in a familiar place. The gunshots ring through the hallways of the Headquarters as they clash. There’s valuable loot on the line, and these Operators will stop at nothing to claim them. Will you make it out alive with a fortune, or will you fall in the crossfire?

For two weeks starting May 5th, take what’s yours in The Grand Larceny!

The Grand Larceny event comes with its own Collection of 31 items, featuring exclusive customization for Amaru, Fuze, Gridlock, Hibana, Maverick, Echo, Maestro, Kaid, Wamai and Warden. These century-old stylings are the same you’ll find in-game by picking these Operators to play the Event.

The Grand Larceny pack can be obtained by completing special Event Challenges, or by purchasing them for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown each in the Packs section of the Home screen.

The Roaring Riches Bundle, which contains the Deco Artistry signature weapon skin and the Crafted Six charm, will also be available to acquire with your preferred currency during this time.

Amaru Grand Larceny Set

Hibana Grand Larceny Set

Fuze Grand Larceny Set

Gridlock Grand Larceny Set

Maverick Grand Larceny Set

Echo Grand Larceny Set

Maestro Grand Larceny Set

Kaid Grand Larceny Set

Wamai Grand Larceny Set

Warden Grand Larceny Set

Updated: 05.05.2020 — 20:52

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