Nighthaven R&D Collection

Nighthaven R&D Collection
Nighthaven R&D Collection

Kali and Wamai have come ashore, and with them they bring the expertise and the gear that only a leading Private Military Company like NIGHTHAVEN has access to. With their ruthlessness and efficiency, it’s easy to see why other Operators might want to try out their equipment.

The NIGHTHAVEN R&D Collection accomplishes just that. Alibi, Fuze, IQ, Jackal, Mute and Rook each gain a set of three items themed after Kali’s Company with cool blue, black and gray, as well as the NIGHTHAVEN logo, for a total of 18 exclusive customization items.


This Collection will be accessible from December 19th to January 6th and will be available for purchase with both currencies, each pack going for either 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown. You’ll receive one free pack on login, which you can access in the Pack section from the Home screen.

Updated: 19.12.2019 — 22:19

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